JAWAB DO! - artwork

JAWAB DO! - artwork

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JAWAB DO! is a presentation of The Partition of India. This print makes "The Partition" present. It gives one agency into going back into time, to experience a monumental time in human history. See what happened in 1947. The history of The Partition is invisible to most, but JAWAB DO! refuses to make it disappear.

Dimension: 10"x10", 15"x15",20"x20"

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About the artist: 

@studentAsim is a Canadian author, filmmaker, and producer. His work explores the meaning of Giving. He is the author of five picture books, producer of social concepts including an artistic Human Progress collage, #OneKnifeMustGo, Take the "Z" out™, and one of his films has played in film festivals internationally.

Website: https://studentasim.com

Facebook: https://facebook.com/studentasim

Twitter: https://twitter.com/studentasim

Instagram: https://instagram.com/studentasim

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZ3up16lW8fGXfb7e6RzztQ