Celtic Amethyst and Upcycled/ Repurposed Copper Kit Pin/ Brooch

Celtic Amethyst and Upcycled/ Repurposed Copper Kit Pin/ Brooch

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Celtic inspired Brooch / Kit Pin made with thick Repurposed, Upcycled Copper wire, some new fine, Natural Purple Amethyst, 2 x 4mm round and a large 19mm stone.

One of a Kind Brooch measures (6.7cm) 2 5/8” across with a thick sturdy thick pin for knitted or large weave fabrics.  

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About the artist: 

An Eco Conscious, Animal loving Artisan with a passion for creating jewellery, striving to run a sustainable, Ethical business in harmony with nature. Handcrafted Jewellery, Eclectic, Vintage & Nature Inspired Wearable Art, made with unique & rare Vintage Gemstones, Sterling Silver, Upcycled, Repurposed Stones, Glass, Metals, etc., combined with new.

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