World Building for Choreographers

World Building for Choreographers

Frog In Hand
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(Price is for 4 Classes)

Choreography is about more than movement! Let's dive into character design, setting & story, think about how to craft immersive experiences.

Amazing things are happening in the world of choreography: cross disciplinary collaboration, incorporating new technology, site-specific and immersive work... In this context, what is the role of the choreographer today? What can choreographers do to train - other than take another dance class? According to Frog in Hand, the answer lies in world building: the process of crafting an imaginary world. That's what this class is all about.

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Led by Frog in Hand Artistic Director and resident choreographer Colleen Snell, this 4-week class will be held over zoom from January 6th to 27th from 7-9pm EST. Each class will begin with a relaxed lecture-presentation with time for discussion, ending with creative prompts to explore. We will not be dancing, but we will move. It will be important to have a good wi-fi connection & writing materials (your computer, or a notebook and pen).

Class Outline
Week 1, WHAT: What is world building & the role of the Choreographer
Week 2, WHERE: Designing & building a world (set, props, costume, site)
Week 3, WHO: Character creation & narrative nodes
Week 4, WHY AND HOW: Putting it all together & next steps

LINK to instructor and Artistic Director Colleen talking about the class:

About the artist

Frog in Hand began with a cast of frogs performing circus tricks under the artistic direction of sisters, Noelle Hamlyn and Colleen Snell, who were one and five years old at the time. From this whimsical debut springs our firm belief that art begins in humble places – including the mud and grass of our own backyards. Although we are now a diverse collective of dancers, choreographers, musicians, actors, spoken word poets, designers and visual artists, we are still inspired by where we find ourselves. We are storytellers, adventurers of landscapes both imagined and real - we are proudly Port Credit based.

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