Walking Miles in Sensible Shoes, A Nurse Looks back at her Vocation (ebook)

Walking Miles in Sensible Shoes, A Nurse Looks back at her Vocation (ebook)

Norma Nicholson
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Is an inspiring memoir of the author who was a nurse for 46 years. Contains adventures, issues unfolding within hospital walls; from humorous and touching vignettes, to bullying by nursing directors. Riveting reading for anyone who is interested in healthcare.
Age group 12+

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About the author

Norma is a four-time self-published author, public speaker, educator, youth, and adult mental health advocate.  She is a retired RN with a BA in Sociology and Psychology and an MA in Adult Education. As a recognized public speaker, she uses the contents of her books as a vehicle to address the needs of vulnerable and at-risk teens and families. 

With over thirty years of public service, she has spent most of her time motivating and mentoring youth and families to transform their mindsets to see the world in positive ways.  

Due to her vibrant voice and catalyst for community growth, she has been recognized on many occasions for her mentorship and advocacy. She is highly engaged in community volunteer work such as mentorship and editing books for aspiring authors who are first-time self-publisher.  She channels her passion into various ways to help individuals overcome barriers.

Website: https://normanicholson.ca

Martys HUB: https://www.martyshub.com/user/normanicholson/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/norma.nicholson.58

Twitter: https://twitter.com/A805N

Webstore: https://www.amazon.com/Norma-Nicholson/e/B06Y2LSQJ8?ref